Chess is “The Touchstone of The Intellect.”

Classical Chess game – it is a mental competition between two partners (opponents, players), between whites and blacks, which takes place on a special table, where chess pieces are moved alternately in a certain order, in accordance with accepted rules. The pieces are often not literally white and black, but usually contrasting light and dark colors.

Chess combines the components of sport, science and art. Chess is a democratic sport where there is age, gender and democracy of personal freedom. Everyone can compete equally. Young with old, man with woman. The key is the player’s art of managing chess pieces with strategy. A person can have different life circumstances, but no one can take away a person’s freedom to think. We emphasize that chess is freedom to think.

Each chess game is unique, because on the one hand, the course of the game is determined by the knowledge and experience of the players, the ability to see the square, the strategy of the game, and on the other hand, the player’s own connection with the chess game. The chess game can be played with or without a chess clock, with or without recording the moves. The player who has white pieces starts the game. None of the partners has the right to make two moves in a row. What color pieces each partner should play with is determined by the drawing of lot.

Chess is a universal sport because you can play chess with a computer program or with another opponent remotely, in distance. In such cases, there must be confidence that there will be no cheating – that it will not happen that the principles of the game will be preserved, where only two players play without the help of others. Even if there is nothing available, not a computer, not another opponent, not even a chessboard, you can play chess in your head. If you have the ability to remember the moves of the chess game and how the position changes accordingly, it is possible to play with yourself, play in your head. Such super freedom is chess game!

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