Youth Guarantee

Where does the practice come from? What is the context in which the practice was created and experimented first?

As the unprecedented crisis brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic continues to affect young people disproportionately, there is overwhelming agreement on the fact that we need to act fast. The reinforced Youth Guarantee steps up the comprehensive job support available to young people across the EU, now reaching out to a broader target group of 15 to 29 year-olds.

It caters for the millions of youth at risk of unemployment unable to enter today’s labour market, without losing sight of activating the hardest-to-reach who may have been facing multiple obstacles for years. The reinforced Youth Guarantee does all this through tailored, individualised approaches; providing young people with the appropriate levels of guidance and helping them find crash courses or boot camps if upskilling proves to be necessary.

Such approaches take into account local labour market intelligence shaped by COVID-19 ramifications, acknowledging also the opportunities provided by the accelerating digital and green transitions.

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